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‘Where adventure begins towards various Himalayan exotic destinations with us!!

Welcome and Namaste! 

Adventure A1 Treks welcomes all wide-world travelers to try once in our delightful and enjoyable adventure holidays. 

Adventure- A1 Treks is a rising adventure company based in Kathmandu-Nepal, offering varied trips around Nepal Himalayas. 

Including neighboring countries, Bhutan & Tibet also, each trip that we run and organized has been very successful. Since the company was established ten years ago, managed by tourism professionals and experts with an expert team of staff, and guides. 

Interested travelers on booking trips with us, please allow a few minutes time to go through our Terms & Conditions. On reading and understanding, our policy all needs to follow our terms and conditions. So that there won’t be any misunderstanding between you and us. There are some important rules which are necessary to understand before committing and joining the trip with us. 


The easiest, and swift process for booking any trips with us, after searching for the right trips, that you can enjoy.

Send us your booking confirmation of the exact treks, tours, peak climbing, or any other adventures of your interest. Then we will send the booking forms to fill, as well sending us an advance payment to our bank accounts. Minimum of 25 % to 30 % as per the trip chosen. 

The rest of the remaining full payment is to be paid on arrival in Kathmandu, before the trek or any trip departures. 

The payment should be in foreign currencies acceptable by Nepal Rastraya Bank. Like in the US $, Euro, British Sterling Pound, or other convertible currency in Cash, Cheque, or by valid Credit Card. On paying by Credit Card, 05 % extra will be charged on top of the trip cost. For Indian nationality can pay in Indian Rupees for the remaining trip cost, after sending us the advance payment. 

On booking the right trip as per your physical and medical fitness, and the duration of your holiday in Nepal. For trips in Bhutan and Tibet, the booking should be made in full payment well in advance. After booking the respective trips of one choice, needs to send us valid passports. 

The passport should not exceed the expiry dates of a minimum of 6 months. Please send your medical background and any special dietary and fitness level required for your respective adventure or tour with us.


By Credit Card (Visa or Master) or any valid immediate process for queries, please call and contact us at 00977-1- to pay over the phone or through our bank accounts.

Pay Online: 

Please print out the form; fill up it duly signed and send it  in whats app +977-9851132138

Cheque Payment: Please make the balance payment Cheque payable to Adventure-1 and post it to the address: 

Bank Transfer:

Please forward the trip advance payment to our Bank account minimum of 20 % to 30 % as per the chosen trip, as advance payment, the remaining balance of the full trip cost is to be paid on arrival in Kathmandu, before trip departure.

For Bhutan & Tibet, 100 % full payment in advance before arrival in Kathmandu. As well before leaving for trip departures to respective countries from Nepal.


After booking and confirmation with advance trip payment, some might be compelled to cancel or postpone the related trips. Due to personal problems, like domestic, family or unfortunate incidents and health conditions, including regarding holiday from your workplace.  

Understanding the circumstances of the situation, the company will charge a cancellation fee of a minimum of 30 %. That is if notified to our overseas agents or to Adventure-1. Notification of cancellation for a minimum of 2 months, before your trip departure, dates so that the charge comes to a minimum. 

50% cancellation fee on 2 weeks notifications.

No refund on the last-minute cancellation or no-show situations on trip arrival dates in Kathmandu before trek/tour departures.

During a tour or other adventure and treks, some people might need to break up the journey in between. Due to domestic, family, health, or medical problems, as well as not enjoying the trip with the groups. In this case, the company will not be responsible for a refund or any other reimbursement. 

All expenses on return expenses, after breaking the journey to be borne by oneself, including expenses of accompanying staff, and guides. As well as extra nights in hotels at Kathmandu or any other cities before you leave Nepal for homeward bound.


Sometimes the Himalayan weather pattern is not reliable, even at the best time of the seasons. Where some trips involve flights to mountainous destinations like Lukla, Phaplu, Tumlingtar, Jomsom, and Dolpo or Jumla, Simikot. 

Due to bad weather, the flight might be delayed and leads to cancellation sometimes, in this type of situation. The company and guide will try their best effort provide updated information on the situations beyond our control.

In such cases where the company might arrange other means of transportations like Helicopter service, where the extra cost included. 

Other unavoidable situations besides bad weather, road blockage due to landslides, or political strikes. The company will try its best to run and continue the trips, where trip departures might be delayed sometimes. This can lead to changing the route of trekking or tour to other safe destinations, under these types of circumstances. Beyond the company’s control, if some clients do not agree with the change of itinerary days and routes. In this case, no refund will be entertained, and clients have to apply to respected insurance companies. Along with the letter issued by Adventure-A1, as a backup to claim from your insurance companies.   

Adventure-A1 will make its best efforts to make the trip available, more or less we will try our best to provide enjoyable adventure holidays with us.


To make every trip a great success, our guides and staff will do their best to provide services round the clock. However, clients do have a part to play, if not feeling well or in doubt. Can relate your problem to group leaders or guides and if you need more information about the areas. Please do ask the guides, regarding culture and custom, as well as some precautionary measures on high altitude walks. 

During the tour or treks follow the guide's advice, respect local culture and custom and not disturb the environment. Keeping safe distance with the group on walks, taking care of litter and garbage, and disposing of a proper disposal place. 

Ask the price of hot-showers or re-charging your electronic items, as on treks these will be at extra cost. Including safe drinking waters, try to refill your bottle rather than buying plastic bottled water, which creates additional garbage. 

For all trekking and tours, our guides, staff, or tour escorts will have full authority to handle the situations. As well as taking care of all clients and staff, sometimes some unfortunate cases might occur. Where some people might have a negative attitude and can misbehave, commit an unlawful act, and may disturb the group. In this type of situation will not be allowed to continue the journey and might have to leave the trip. 

In this case whatsoever, there will be no refund for the return journey and extra expenses have to be borne by oneself. 

Age Limit for treks and peak climbing: 

For tours, where all age-group can join in as well as families with young children and elderly people. On treks and other adventurous and challenging trips, the age limit is a minimum of 16 years old and maximum of 65 years but one should have medical insurance. 


On all our trips we have grading systems, from leisure, moderate, and adventurous to challenging or demanding. The grading systems mostly apply to trekking and peak climbing, as well as the length of a journey. As well season-wise, leisure trips apply on sightseeing tours and short walks or hikes. For more information and details on grading systems please contact us.

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